Can You Sue If You Catch Coronavirus While On The Job?

Coronavirus is spreading. Although the illness is not especially virulent — it seems to hit older folks hardest — it has spread to infect at least 100,000 people. Those cases most likely define the subject with severe symptoms. There are probably hundreds of thousands of people already infected, but who will never seek medical help because their symptoms don’t warrant a trip to the doctor’s office.

Still, at this point it seems like you’re most likely to come down with the virus at some point. That’s especially true if the virus becomes endemic or mutates to become more dangerous, which are the biggest fears that scientists have right now.

Because so many people are expected to become infected with the virus — and soon — we’ve been swamped with questions about how to pay bills. This is especially important because so many people who have been placed into quarantine have later discovered the massive bill waiting for them when they were finally released. Hardly seems fair, does it?

But unfortunately, it’s an illness like any other — even though it’s new. You can hardly sue because someone gave you the flu, right? And you can hardly place the blame on anyone if you don’t know who was to blame for your infecting, a feat which is nearly impossible now that case numbers have blown up all over the country.

However, there might be some circumstances in which you can sue for medical expenses. For example, you might have some legal backing if you were on one of the cruise ships stranded because of the virus. Were you a passenger in quarantine? Did the period of isolation cause you physical or mental harm? Did you lose money because you could not return home? 

Furthermore, were the cruise lines themselves partially responsible? Did they take all applicable measures to prevent illness onboard? Usually, you see cruise preparedness everytime you enter a dining room. “Wipey, wipey!” yells the guy who asks you to use hand sanitizer before you enter.

While no one will likely find support trying to sue for personal injury because they caught coronavirus at their employment center, you might have a case if your loved one was infected and/or died from the illness at a nursing home or hospital. The big question is whether or not you can prove the negligence of these organizations. Did your loved ones receive the appropriate standard of care?

If you can prove otherwise, you might have a case. Try contacting a personal injury lawyer with a firm near you to share your story and find out fast!

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