Coronavirus Cases Poised To Skyrocket Even More

And when we say cases are trending upward, we mean that in every sense — litigation and actually coronavirus infections are both on the rise.  At this point, failing to implement preventative measures in the workplace is unconscionable and inexcusable. Is your employer failing to implement the required changes to make you feel safe and comfortable in the workplace? You might have a good case.

Most people, however, will not.

But that’s okay. The world is changing, and we must change with it. Not all of us will get what we want. Many will be bankrupted by a broken system that left them without health insurance right when they needed it the most. Unemployment continues to skyrocket. Governments continue to make the wrong call, even as health experts tell us exactly what we need to do.

Ultimately, those governments are the ones that will be held accountable — although it might take a long time to gather the support to make them pay up. It’s especially hard to litigate a government, because that government almost always imposes limits and caps for lawsuits in different categories.

For now, we recommend keeping track of the missteps made by superiors if you’re still at work. We don’t make this recommendation so you can take aggressive action. We make it so you can take defensive action if you are taken advantage of by others. Continue to wear a mask and stand six feet apart during interactions.

We find it inexcusable that workers have still not been given hazard pay when they are making less than people on unemployment while taking all of the risk. We will continue to fight to ensure that businesses do not take advantage of their workers.

Do you have a personal injury case because of coronavirus restrictions or failure to act? We would like to hear about it. Contact us today to speak with a personal injury attorney.

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